The pocket-size booklet Picture it in Migration has been developed to assist those who are forced to leave their country and experience language obstacles. The booklet consists of over 450 pictures which are classified per theme and translations of sixty basic words and sentences in twenty-two frequently spoken languages. These languages are: English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Russian, German, Turkish, Romanian, Italian, Dutch, Albanese, Greek, Japanese, Swedish, Swahili, Farsi, Hindi, Polish, Tigrinya and Somali.


The booklet (72 pages) can be ordered via prisonwatch@prisonwatch.org for € 6 (excluding 6% VAT and postal costs). For large orders (over 2.000) it is possible to add the logo of the organisation on the reverse side of the cover.


You can contact Prison Watch via prisonwatch@prisonwatch.org for more information and a download of the copyright version of the booklet. Please find below the translation of the basic human rights of migrants in twenty-two languages.












Basic Human Rights of Migrants